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The pace of electrification needs to double worldwide

2023 Global Electrification Monitor: Trends in end-use sectors

NYC Electrification Dialogues highlight collaboration and infrastructure needs to accelerate electrification

2023 Global Electrification Monitor: Launch event

Join GSEP experts for the on-demand launch of the 2023 Global Electrification Monitor and exclusive insights on the state of electrification.

2023 NYC Electrification Dialogues: An Annual GSEP Event

The 2023 edition of GSEP’s annual NYC Electrification Dialogues focused on cross-sector collaboration and infrastructure.

2022-2023 Annual Activity Report: Electrifying the world for a sustainable future

Electrification Hub

Electrification is the vital pathway for the energy transition.

Success stories

Success stories

Success stories showcasing the concrete benefits of electrification for our communities


Public policies for electrification

Public policies

Public policies will play a central role in enabling electricity to make economies more competitive.


Electrification dashboard

Electrification dashboard

Track the pace of electrification across sectors and regions



GSEP aims at bringing together all stakeholders of the value chain to discuss the challenges and define the enablers to electrification, as well as learn from each other’s expertise and experiences.


GSEP produces a range of documents that present the enablers and challenges of the global electricity sector.


The Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) scholarship program inspires the next generation of innovators and thinkers to create a sustainable future.

Electrification: a vital pathway for the energy transition

Electricity is essential for our digital and modern era. Cleaner, efficient, flexible, reliable and affordable electricity is indispensable for climate protection, and a major driver of development and economic growth.
Electrification rates must double if we are to meet climate objectives.

people around the world still do not have access to electricity
is the share of electricity in the global energy system
of electricity generated worldwide is carbon-free and that share continues to grow