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GSEP: 32 years together for the energy transition

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) will be concluding its activities as of the end of June 2024.

Over its rich 32-year history, GSEP has leveraged its members’ unparalleled expertise in power systems and electricity technologies to empower global decisionmakers to embrace electricity as the energy of the future. With an unwavering spirit of collaboration, the organization and its member companies have made significant strides to push the energy transition forward.

On behalf of all of our members and Secretariat staff, past and present, we wish to extend a sincere thank you to all who have believed in and contributed to the realization of GSEP’s overarching mission of promoting sustainable energy development and accelerating electrification around the world, and to those who will take up the mantle and continue this important work in the decades to come.

In celebration of all we have achieved and recognition of the challenges yet to come, we take this opportunity to look back on our history in a special publication: Read Now

Thank you once again for your treasured support.


Please note that the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership will cease operations as of the end of June 2024.