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Electrification is the vital pathway for the energy transition.

The pace of electrification needs to double

There’s great potential for electrification worldwide, as we show in our New electricity frontiers report. Around 768 million people in the world still do not have access to electricity. There is growing demand for efficient and cost-effective electrification of end uses to reach climate goals.

GSEP’s vision for 2050 – Share of Electricity in GLOBAL ENERGY Demand

GSEP's vision for 2050 Where we are now * Includes other carbon-free energies * (biofuels, hydrogen) Source: GSEP calculations based on IEA data (2019) TRANSPORTATION * 5% GSEP’s vision : 40% INDUSTRY 28% GSEP’s vision: 50% BUILDINGS 32% GSEP’s vision : 75% GLOBAL ENERGY USE 20% GSEP’s vision: over 50%
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