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We produce a range of documents that showcase our activities and positions on issues of interest to the global electricity sector.

2023 Global Electrification Monitor: Trends in end-use sectors

The 2023 edition of GSEP’s flagship publication, the Global Electrification Monitor, presents an updated analysis of the state of electrification in the context of the ongoing global energy crisis.

2022-2023 Annual Activity Report: Electrifying the world for a sustainable future

For over 30 years, GSEP’s mission has been rooted in a shared commitment to promoting zero-carbon energy development and electrification to achieve global climate goals.

Global Electrification Monitor: 2022 trends in end-use sectors

This study monitors the pace of electrification across the world and identifies vastly underutilised potential for electrification of the different end uses – or “space-for-action” in all parts of the world.

Unlocking Beneficial Electrification: The Voice of End Users

For the first time ever, the voice of electricity customers from the transportation, industry, and building sectors is captured in a global independent study providing direct insights on what electricity customers say what they need to accelerate the energy transition.

The Future of Remotization in the Power Industry

Remotization and reliance on digital technologies is seen as a strategic imperative that will greatly contribute to the adaptation of electric utilities to new economic realities and constraints linked to the energy transition.

Second life batteries: Enabling sustainability for electric mobility

Building the electrification alliance: Bridging along and across value chains

Grid integration requirements for variable renewable energy

Studies for grid connection of variable renewable energy generation plants

Using forecasting systems to reduce cost and improve dispatch of variable renewable energy

Compensation devices to support grid integration of variable renewable energy

Electricity Companies on the transformation of the global electricity sector – The Osaka Summit Statement

Electrification as vital pathway to decarbonizing energy – The Paris Summit Statement

New Electricity Frontiers: Harnessing the role of low-carbon electricity uses in a digital era

Electricity as a Tool for Carbon Footprint Reduction: Concrete Actions Towards Decarbonization