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GSEP aims at bringing together all stakeholders of the value chain to discuss the challenges and identify the unblocks to accelerating electrification, learning together from each other’s expertise and experiences.

Unlocking the potential of electrification: Identifying space-for-action across regions

COP27 | Catalyzing electrification: Building synergies across value chains

GSEP hosted a panel at COP27 to explore how stakeholders can work together to accelerate electrification and propel a zero-carbon future.

COP27 | Hydropower’s role in achieving an electrified and decarbonised economy

In collaboration with the International Hydropower Association, GSEP hosted a panel exploring hydropower’s role in decarbonising the energy mix.


GSEP held an in-person event around the challenges and enablers of electrification at Climate Week NYC.

2022 Marrakesh CEO Summit

GSEP hosted a conference showcasing influential stakeholders of the African and global energy sector.

Electrification is a key factor to catalyze economic and social development on the African continent.

How can grids be modernized to keep up with the rapid and deep changes taking place in the power industry at the international, national and regional levels? What impact does integration of VRE have for both clients and utilities?

Watch a recording of our joint webinar with ONÉE and the Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie (OME).

Remotization and reliance on various new digital technologies are strategic imperatives that will greatly contribute to the adaptation of utilities to new economic realities and constraints.

GSEP held an Electrification Dialogue on transport electrification at Climate Week NYC 2021.

Sustainable mobility is at the heart of cities’ development and takes an increasingly large role in national action plans against climate change. Undertaking in-depth feasibility studies and implementing properly defined pilot projects are essential for large-scale electrification of road transportation.

Watch a recording of a presentation on the main findings of the replicability report from the Lima e-bus project.

Co-hosted by AEP and Enel, GSEP’s 2021 Summit was held on May 25 and 26.

The optimization of batteries’ life cycle is essential to ensure a sustainable future for electric mobility, and synergies between utilities and the EV sector must be developed in order to achieve a circular life cycle for EV batteries.

This virtual Electrification Dialogue marked the launch of the report “Building the electrification alliance: Bridging along and across value chains”.