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2023 Global Electrification Monitor: Trends in end-use sectors

NOW AVAILABLE: Our flagship publication tracking the state of electrification worldwide, updated to 2023. 

The flagship publication of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), the Global Electrification Monitor presents a sweeping analysis of the state of electrification around the world and identifies the most promising opportunities for acceleration (space-for-action) across the buildings, transport, and industry sectors

Influenced by the context of the current energy crisis, which has put a spotlight on energy security and affordability, the 2023 edition of the report includes a special analysis of energy prices through 2022. The importance of government action to establish a level playing field for efficient, electrified solutions is clear, as is the importance of subsidies and other support measures in ensuring communities can effectively confront the crisis.

Major findings of the report include:

  • While the progression of electrification around the world in 2020 looks encouraging at a glance, the increase can be attributed to the exceptional circumstances of Covid-19.
  • The ongoing energy crisis has had enormous impacts on global energy prices.
  • Efficient, electrified technologies are crucial in countering the impacts of the energy crisis on energy security and bills.
  • The potential for the electrification of end uses—space-for-action—remains underutilized.

Read the 2023 Global Electrification Monitor now:


Please note that the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership will cease operations as of the end of June 2024.