In the wake of the Earth Summit in 1992, the CEOs of the world’s largest power companies came together to form the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) with the vision to set up an international network of expertise to improve cooperation between the major electricity companies in the world and to act as an ecological and technical advisory group for international institutions and governments, especially in developing countries.

“As citizens of the world, in harmony with the respective national governments as well as related domestic and international organizations, the [member] companies strongly wish that their experience, competence, and know-how should serve more efficient generation and use of the world’s electric energy.”

(GSEP Founding Joint Statement, James Bay, Québec, Canada, April 1992)

Today, GSEP is an international organization composed of global electricity companies at the heart of the electrification revolution. What sets us apart from other international organizations is our exclusive focus on advancing the electricity sector. We build on our members’ unparalleled expertise in power systems and electricity technologies to empower decision-makers and companies to embrace electricity as the energy of tomorrow.

GSEP was founded as the e7 Network of Expertise for the Global Environment (e7), which later became the e8.

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