American Electric Power, based in Columbus, Ohio, is focused on modernizing the power grid, expanding renewable energy resources and delivering reliable energy to its customers with new technologies and custom energy solutions. Its ambitious carbon reduction targets will be achieved through a variety of actions including investments in renewable generation, investments in transmission and distribution technologies to enhance efficiency, and expanded demand response and energy efficiency programs.

AEP's approximately 18,000 employees operate and maintain the nation's largest electricity transmission system and more than350,000 km of distribution lines to efficiently deliver safe, reliable power to nearly 5.4 million regulated customers in 11 states. AEP also is one of the largest electricity producers in the United States with approximately 26,000 MW of diverse generating capacity, including nearly 5,300 MW of renewable energy as of mid-2019.  The company will be adding more than 8,600 MW of new wind and solar generation to serve AEP’s regulated utility customers by 2030, and plans to invest approximately $2.2 billion in contracted renewables and renewables integrated with energy storage by 2023.

AEP's family of companies includes 7 regulated utilities and 4 competitive subsidiaries which provide innovative energy solutions in over 30 states.


CO2 reduction since 2000


carbon reduction target for 2050 (compared to 2000 levels)

$25 billion

investment over the next 5 years in transmission and distribution


China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. (China Huaneng), established in 1985, is an integrated energy company. As the first Chinese power generation company joining the Global Fortune 500, China Huaneng ranked 266th in 2020.

By the end of February 2021, the wholly-owned and majority-owned installed capacity of China Huaneng at home and abroad was about 200GW. The controllable shipping capacity of its shipping fleet was close to 1.87 million DWT. The designed annual handling capacity of its holding ports was over 65.14 million tons, and the number of employees was about 135,000.

China Huaneng has been proactively engaging in the Belt and Road Initiative, and vigorously implementing internationalized strategy. Currently, the company has overseas installed capacity of 9.137GW, distributed in 6 countries, including Australia, Singapore, Myanmar, the UK, Pakistan, and Cambodia. China Huaneng actively exerts its advantage of collectivized management, promotes overseas technical services to over 20 countries, and expands overseas financial services in an orderly manner, which greatly bolsters the development of overseas power projects, and injects fresh vitality to the company’s internationalized development.

The company has gradually formed the strategic positioning of accelerating the building of a world-class modernized clean energy enterprise, with power as the core business, synergy among various energy sources, innovation as the guiding force, finance as the supporting business, and a global layout, thus, making contributions to guaranteeing the nation’s energy security, promoting energy transition, and improving the development of national economy.


of installed capacity

1.87 million DWT

of controllable shipping capacity

135,000 employees


The EDF group is an integrated energy company, active in all electricity businesses: generation, transmission and distribution (activities handled by its subsidiaries RTE and Enedis), sales and marketing, efficiency and energy services and energy trading. It is the leading player in the French electricity market and holds strong positions in Europe (mainly in the UK, Italy and Belgium), which makes it one of the world’s leading electric energy companies and a renowned gas player. With a global installed net generation capacity of 132.3 GWe as of December 31, 2016, generating 583.9 TWh, the Group has one of the largest generation fleets in the world. Among the ten largest global power suppliers, it produces the smallest amount of CO2 per kilowatt-hour generated thanks to the share of nuclear, hydro and other renewable energies in its generation mix. The EDF group supplies electricity, gas and related services to 37.1 million customer accounts worldwide (of which 26.2 million are in France).

132 GW

installed capacity, generating 584 TWh of electricity


of electricity generation is CO2-free

37.1 million



Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. Enel works in 34 countries across five continents, generating energy with a managed capacity of more than 90 GW, selling gas and distributing electricity across a network spanning approximately 2.2 million km (FY 2018). With almost 73 million end users around the world, Enel is one of Europe’s leading energy companies by installed capacity and reported EBITDA. Enel is a pioneer in the development and application of innovative solutions, including renewable energy generation, smart grids, distribution, electric mobility, energy efficiency and energy storage.


CO2-free production, including diversified generation from renewables such as hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar


REDUCTION IN DIRECT Greenhouse gas EMISSIONS per kWh BY 2030, COMPARED TO 2017 (in line with the update of the “Science Based Targets initiative”), AND COMMITTED TO BE ZERO EMISSION BY 2050

11.6 GW

of additional renewables to be added in Strategic Plan 2019-2021


Hydro-Québec is a world leader in the field of hydroelectricity and one of the world’s largest producer of renewable energy. The utility generates, transmits and distributes electricity and is the operator of an extensive high-voltage transmission system. With a total installed capacity of 37,248 MW (as of 2021), Hydro-Québec generates over 99% of its electricity from water—a source of clean, renewable energy. Over 20,000 employees serve over 4.5 million customers in Québec and supply electricity to wholesale markets in northeastern North America. Hydro-Québec is a leader in the development of innovative battery and motor technology for electric vehicles and is actively involved in transportation electrification. A responsible corporate citizen committed to sustainability, Hydro-Québec plays a pivotal role in the transition to renewables and the decarbonization of electrical generation.



$173 million CAN





The Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (ONEE) is the pillar of the energy strategy in Morocco and the leading operator in the field of electricity, drinking water and liquid sanitation.

With a global installed net generation capacity of 11 GW in 2018, ONEE is delivering electricity to more than 6 million customers all over the kingdom.

Morocco has taken important strides in developing a modern energy market and to set up a clear renewable energy (RE) strategy that aims to achieve the country’s goals of 42% renewable energy in the electricity mix by 2020 and 52% renewable electricity by 2030. In 2018, the share of RE was about 34%.

To meet these challenges, ONEE is involved with an ambitious evolution in both power-system planning and operation to ensure appropriate system flexibility and reliability. 

Morocco has also become a regional crossroads for power exchange between Africa and Europe, which has allowed ONEE to develop strong interconnections with neighboring countries.

11 GW

installed capacity, 34% of which comes from renewables

6 million



rural electrification rate


State Grid Corporation of China was established on December 29, 2002, with construction and operation of power grids as its core business. As a mega state-owned enterprise crucial to China's energy security and economic lifeline, its mission is to provide a safer, cleaner, more economical and sustainable power supply. State Grid supplies power to over 1.1 billion people in 26 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering 88% of China’s territory. As the world’s largest public utility, State Grid has ranked 2nd on the Fortune Global 500 from 2016 to 2018, and it owns and operates overseas assets in 7 countries and regions. State Grid is committed to providing clean energy and quality service and to building a world-class energy internet company with outstanding competitiveness.


of China's territory is serviced by State Grid

30,400 km

9 AC and 11 DC ultra-high voltage transmission lines were in operation as of June 2019

569 GW

of clean energy generation capacity was integrated into the grid by the end of 2018