CEO Summits

The GSEP’s annual CEO Summit is our flagship event, uniting CEOs from our member companies with prominent thinkers in the energy and electricity sectors in a vibrant face-to-face platform. Our Summits are a unique opportunity for these leaders to discuss key strategic issues like the energy transition, the role of electricity in helping countries achieve climate goals, the transformative effect of digitalization, and the specific thoughts that lie at the heart of the management and planning of their businesses.

2021 Washington D.C. Summit

The next Summit will be held in Washington D.C. (USA) on May 25-27, 2021 under the theme “Electrification: The Bridge to a Global Clean Energy Economy and Social Advancement”. This invitation-only event will be co-hosted by AEP, the current Chair Company of the GSEP, and Enel.

2019 Osaka Summit

The 2019 Summit was hosted by Kansai Electric Power Company. Discussions at the Summit centered on the 4Ds: decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and deregulation and changing market design (including investment and financing). These are megatrends that are structurally transforming the electricity sector. Illustrious guest speakers included Dr. Tsutomu Toichi, Councillor of the Institute of Energy Economics of Japan, Dr. Akihiko Yokyama, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Hiro Mizuno, Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan. 

The GSEP CEOs issued the Osaka Summit Statement, outlining GSEP members’ commitment to accelerate efficient electrification and innovation along the full electricity value chain, which will deliver both economic and social benefits. 

2018 Paris Summit

Hosted by EDF in May – June 2018, the Paris Summit focused on global issues in the energy and electricity sectors, e-mobility, and the impacts of digitalization on the industry. GSEP CEOs were joined by leaders from the International Energy Agency, AccorHotels, AlixPartners, as well as Jean-Yves Le Drian (French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs), Nobel-prize-winning economist, Jean Tirole, and Hubert Védrine (former French Minister for Foreign Affairs).

The GSEP Chairmen closed the event with the issuance of the Paris Summit Statement,  which outlines the group’s positioning on efficient electrification of end-uses and the steps that governments could take to successfully accelerate adaptation of innovative electricity technologies.

2017 Montreal Summit

GSEP celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Montreal Summit in May 2017, hosted by Hydro-Québec. Discussions centered on the theme of electricity as a tool to reduce the carbon footprint, the energy transition, utilities’ strategies for adapting to climate change, and transportation electrification. Prominent experts from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the World Energy Council (WEC), and Ouranos exchanged openly with GSEP executives.

The GSEP CEOs issued the Montreal Summit Statement at the event where they state their strong belief that electricity is an essential tool for reducing the global carbon footprint and most effective means to help secure a better climate in the future while ensuring economic growth and improving the quality of life of millions of people.

2016 Beijing Summit

The Beijing Summit was held in June 2016 and was hosted by State Grid Corporation of China. The event brought together GSEP member companies’ senior executives with thought leaders from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. Topics of discussion included Global Energy Interconnection and the role that electricity technologies can play in helping countries reach their GHG emissions reduction targets.

Acknowledging the alignment between the organization’s recommendations made to policymakers attending the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) and the Paris Agreement, GSEP executives agreed that electricity will play a key role in responding to the global climate challenge while simultaneously supporting countries’ economic growth, development and people’s welfare. These key views are expressed in the Beijing Summit Statement.

2015 Rio de Janeiro Summit

The Rio de Janeiro Summit in June 2015 was hosted by Eletrobras. Topics included how utilities are finding new ways to engage with consumers, communities, civil society, environmental groups, and investors to promote sustainable development in today’s fast-changing environment where technology innovation takes center stage. Heads and representatives of GSEP member companies joined distinguished guests from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil and the Brazilian National Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) to discuss how to increase engagement of these different stakeholder groups in order to drive long-term sustainable business success. Terry Tamminen, Chief Strategic Advisor for R20, opened the Summit by moderating a candid exchange with the CEOs where discussions centered on the progress made so far by the energy sector and the challenges that remain as we move towards a more sustainable future. He also outlined the important role GSEP as a pool of prominent experts can play in helping lead the energy transition.

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