Kadek Dwi Wahyuadnyana

Kadek Dwi Wahyuadnyana

As a Global Ambassador, I truly understand and firmly believe that we must contribute to making this earth a better place to live. Surely it can be done in various ways, but one of which is to commit to sustainable electrification and the energy transition, by starting from doing any research related to sustainable energy development based on our respective fields of knowledge. It is such an honor and I’m grateful to be a part of GSEP’s Global Ambassadors.

Idaresit Isaac Abraham

It is such a privilege to join this group of Global Ambassadors as it will enable me to partner with other experienced professionals in the field to provide relevant solutions to the existing global energy crisis. With this in mind, I have committed myself to be an asset to the GSEP by focusing on relevant research in the field of renewable energy. With this knowledge, I will be able to train others to become useful assets to promote the electrification business globally.

Annisa Sekaringtias

I am committed to driving research for a cost-effective, inclusive and just energy transition. I believe this will address the twin goals of reducing inequality and mitigating climate change. This is achievable through a strong economic & policy framework.

Muhammad Atif Saes

Being a part of GSEP’s Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification program further strengthens my determination to promote sustainable and clean energy in Afghanistan. It gives me the opportunity to connect with young professionals and sustainable energy enthusiasts from around the world, as well as learn about new developments in the field of sustainable electrification that could be replicated in our country. If Afghanistan’s vast renewable energy resources are sufficiently utilized, both rural and urban areas could have 24-hour electricity, resulting in a higher quality of life.

María José Parajeles Herrera

I’m investing my time in researching the right nationswide planning for the electrification of transport that will enable the achievement of the 2050 net-zero CO2 goals.  

Valeria Nuñez Andujo

Being a member of GSEP’s Global Ambassadors means being part of a community with a deep commitment to sustainability and helping the world mitigate the climate crisis.

Francis Adesayo Katende

African governments and international partners recognize the importance of modern energy services. Several countries are pushing to increase electricity access to their citizens. More importantly, to boost energy security and protect the environment, governments around Africa and the world are investing in renewable energy. My research explores the role of solar PV (particularly bifacial PV) in driving forward the energy transition and severing the link between carbon emissions and GDP. I am also currently working to start a renewable energy consultancy which focuses mainly on PV and Wind technologies.

Omar Farhat

I am lucky to have joined a community of experts dedicated to advocating a cleaner and more sustainable world.  Being part of the Global Ambassadors provides me with an opportunity to meet the world’s brightest minds, hear about their insights on sustainable energy development, and learn about the latest developments in this sector. In addition, it motivates to work harder in my research on wind turbine control systems, which is aimed at promoting wind energy as a reliable power source.

Meijun Chen

The key to a sustainable future and welfare for all lies in the comprehensive collaboration between technology and society experts.