María Belén Cevallos

I feel honored to be a Global Ambassador, I am thankful to GSEP for giving me the opportunity to be part of this community of young professionals and experts. I am committed to defend and promote the benefits of clean energy and electrification through including these topics in my talks to undergrad students, encouraging them to do research and work to improve the energy policies in the near future.

Ahmed Mohamed Farag

In 2018, my dream came true when GSEP paved my way to be conferred a master’s degree in Solar Energy Engineering from Dalarna University in Sweden. Under this “Ambassadors for Global Electrification program”, I can bear the responsibility of promoting and advocating the rapid transition towards renewables that would reduce the carbon footprint of electricity production. I am excited to share and exchange expertise in this field with sustainability enthusiasts. 

Gursharan Kaur

My long-term vision is to work towards finding innovative and economical solutions for effective integration of wind energy. I want to contribute towards making cleaner electric power available in developing countries which in result will help towards fighting climate change. Being a part of the #YAGE program, I hope to create a strong network with professionals who share my passion for creating a better and eco-friendly world. This platform provided by GSEP to share expertise will help me further enhance my knowledge. To fight the global climate crisis, it is essential that professionals from the sustainability field come together and inspire the next generation of engineers. 

Muhammad Tamoor Mughal

Sustainable electrification is the key to a Net Zero Emission world. Electrifying the chemical production – producing so called solar fuels – can greatly reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and ultimately their consumption. This is closely related to the power sector as abundant and cheap renewable energy holds the key to sustainable electrification and production of green chemicals. With a background in sustainable energy, my work now focuses on production of low carbon fuels and CO2 capture technologies. I contribute my efforts for sustainable electrification of the automobile and chemical industry.

Stephanie Tan

Working in the renewable energy industry has allowed me to support sustainable electrification. I also like to keep up-to-date with technologies and issues relevant to energy transition.  

Tracy Tunge

I believe every person deserves access to sustainable and abundant energy. Climate finance has a big role to play in helping build the link between SDG13 (Climate Action) and SDG7 (Sustainable Energy for All), providing energy access to people who still lack it. As part of the GSEP’s Global Ambassador program, I am honored to join like-minded professionals and contribute to accelerating a just energy transition.