Sanat Kumar Paul

Electricity is the energy of this century, affordable electricity for all is the call of the day, and green energy is the need of the hour. It makes me extremely happy to be an ambassador for promoting electrification and sustainable energy with low-carbon emission. I am so delighted to be a part of GSEP’s Young Ambassador program.

Ouadii Ouledboutaarija

Being part of the Global Ambassadors has given me the motivation I need to maintain my commitment to contribute to my home country’s development, and the inspiration to work hard to empower the new generation to face the challenges of the energy transition ahead of us in order to create a sustainable future. Energy and the way we use it needs to be efficient, sustainable and, whenever possible, renewable. That’s why we should focus on doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix in addition to doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

Nouhayla Mansori

Being part of the Global Ambassadors is a highly regarded learning and leadership opportunity for me. It is the wonderful way to learn how to contribute to a sustainable future with only a modest time commitment, through the webinars that connect all the scholars. I enjoy belonging to the team, where I have so much to learn, but also something to give back. We are stronger and smarter together. Collectively, we will build a better tomorrow. Overall, I’m blessed to join such a worldwide and diverse community.

Hagar Fares

I’m interested in finding solutions for the climate change crisis and creating better living conditions, focusing mainly on the energy field. Learning from sustainability experts is my number one motivation to take part in this valuable program. That’s why I was so excited to see that GSEP offers a series of private webinars given by global energy experts in which many important concepts were introduced. I believe this program gives me the perfect opportunity to participate in defending and promoting the applications of sustainable electrification and clean energy.

Ikhsan Mahfudin

Being part of GSEP’s Global Ambassador program is an opportunity for me to become an intentional, thoughtful, and active global citizen advancing sustainable electrification and the energy transition around the world. I have a responsibility to share and be an agent in sustainable energy development for the Indonesian people in particular and the world in general. I have a strong commitment to support sustainable electrification and the energy transition. As per my background, I will develop nuclear technology which can greatly contribute to achieving these goals. 

Sukriti Mahajan

Sustainable electrification and the energy transition that is happening around the world is the need of the hour to combat the rhetoric around climate change repercussions and I believe young minds will play a critical role in this paradigmatic shift. Hence, being a global ambassador is an opportunity to thrust this shift by using the appropriate skillset which will aid in the realisation of sustainable electrification leading to the energy transition.

Ariadne Rentería Castañeda

I want to contribute towards a socially-centered energy transition through my work in sustainable off-grid systems for vulnerable communities in the world. I would like to assess the necessity of said systems based on the community’s needs through Human Centered Design (HCD). Furthermore, I want these systems to be replicable throughout the world and self-sustained by the community itself.

Sadia Riaz

Being a part of the Global Ambassadors has given me a chance to dig deeper into ways that sustainable electrification can be achieved. Flexible, available, reliable and affordable electric power is the key to growth and stability of any state and smart grid concept based on renewable energy sources is the solution, and I am gaining all the sufficient knowledge from my master’s study which has been made possible with the help of ESED Scholarship and also as a bonus I am receiving immense amount of knowledge during webinars held solely for the Global Ambassadors.  

Osman Abekah Siddiq

As a young ambassador, I am honored to be a member of a group of young professionals and specialists whose mission is to defend and promote the benefits of sustainable electrification and clean energy. At a time when the world is confronting a worldwide climate crisis, this mission is more important than ever. Young professionals like myself must help lead the way to a clean energy economy.

Hadish Habte Tesfamikael

The energy transition requires actions in different sectors and on various levels to achieve a low-carbon society with a high integration of renewables. Among key sectors, transport is responsible for more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, I am strongly committed to initiatives and analysis focused on the integration of electric vehicles powered by renewables as it is currently a desirable solution to mitigate climate change and promote the energy transition. I am particularly honored to be a member of such an inspiring group of young leaders as the GSEP’s Ambassadors for Global Electrification.