Walaa Nasser Hamed Elsayed

Based on my regional and urban planning background, I have considered combining my knowledge about the dynamic of city expansion with energy management, in-depth engineering skills, and developing critical infrastructure. So, I decided to study for an MS in Sustainable Development at the American University in Cairo. I am interested in being a part of the GSEP program to have the opportunity to meet the world’s brightest minds to learn about the latest solutions for promoting the energy transition in our cities. Ultimately, I aim to work on placing a public policy in sustainable urban development for innovative business models and projects to mitigate the climate impact and achieve a positive social and environmental impact focusing on the energy field.

Kasun Weerasinghe

Sustainable electrification can be achieved through optimizing renewable energy sources into the main power network and maintaining optimum control. 

Ada Josefina Ordaz Torres

When prompted about choosing a project for my Master in Engineering, I took interest in the energy used by public schools and how I could help improve its conditions and energy policy, when designing an Energy Management System that respects Sustainable Development Goals. I’m committed to helping public schools reduce their climate impact and improve their energy management and living conditions, which will help facilitate the energy transition in my country and create a sustainable development culture for children. 

Francisco Rentería

In search of connecting my background in energy engineering, research, and government to an interdisciplinary approach to policymaking, I decided to study an MS in Environment and Sustainability and a Master of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Ultimately, my purpose is to support leading a just and comprehensive energy transition in my country, Mexico, and other regions with similar challenges. Being part of the GSEP’s Global Ambassadors community greatly benefits this purpose.

Moe Thiri Zun

I’m a sustainability enthusiast, undertaking research in energy economics and policy framework, especially in the field of solar energy and hydrogen, with the desire to become a pragmatically accountable asset in the sustainable development. Regardless of the path I take and how hard the journey is going to be, the destination is always the same: I will advocate for a clean energy transition, sustainable electrification, and poverty alleviation.

Mariana Glenda Avila Zayas

As a GSEP Young ambassador and a graduate student, I’m always interest in helping in the development of new ways to implement sustainable energy in any field. I think clean energy is a priority, and there is a need to implement sustainable energy in all possible industry fields and to not limit its use to the energy sector only. I am beyond excited and committed to integrate sustainability through research, in each of the projects in which I’ll participate and help develop.

Majd Sayed Ahmad

As a postgraduate mechanical engineer with a cross-cultural approach to industry, I have decided to combine technical knowledge with social, political and economic understanding of the energy sector. Motivated by driving change in my country’s energy sector and observing how energy access and electrification offered people with a sense of dignity, my commitment to the multiple energy transitions also stems from the urgency of mitigating the consequences of climate change.

Alaa El Ouazani Dahak

In a world where manufacturing plays a vital role in the growth of a country’s economy, it is important to have sustainable energy sources. Equipped with our deep understanding of our domains, and our industry expertise, alongside being part of the global ambassadors which provides us  the opportunity to work collectively with young professionals to develop and implement the right strategies, operating models, intelligent workflows and technology innovation to achieve our sustainability goals.

Adeleke Samuel Adedoyin

I believe changes can start with my participation and active involvement at the grassroots level till it gets to the national and sub-national levels.  What I will do: 

1. Promote public awareness and activism by canvassing and advocating in schools, marketplaces, and communities;

2. Support ambition-raising in courses that are directly related to sustainable electrification and energy transition among high school students;

3. Support nature-based solutions;

4. Opt for public transport, energy-efficient buildings, vehicles, appliances and

5. Participate Individually in the sphere of energy supply/demand.