Anjan Karmakar

Growing up in a small town in India, a region full of deprivations at every level, I understood that sustainable energy development is both lifesaving and life sustaining. I have realised that some problems are not territorial, they are global. In the Indian context, I would like to work on the problem of pollution and climate change, as we stand to lose the most because of this menace.
The YAGE program would help sustain a lasting global network that I can draw upon for ideas and support to contribute optimally to the cause of mitigating the climate crisis.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Energy and the environment are essential for sustainable development. As a Petroleum Engineer, I think we need to change the way we satisfy our growing energy necessities. I am aware that in today’s world clean energy have an increasingly important role across a wide range of energy industries. Being part of YAGE is a great opportunity to connect with professionals and experts interested in the energy sector, share ideas and provide solutions that bring an efficient energy transition without affecting local energy necessities and accelerate the zero carbon emission transition.

Anamta Farooque

Sustainability is what everyone wants. In the last few years, The world’s energy consumption has acquired a significant rise. However, we do not have sufficient conventional energy resources to fulfill future energy demands. At the same time, the adverse impact of conventional methods of electrification has caused immense global warming. To cater to these issues, sustainable energy resources came into the limelight. I have always wanted to add some value to this domain. And I am fortunate to be a part of the Young Ambassador Program where I can learn and share my thoughts/work with the worlds leading sustainable practitioners. Also, I do believe that as a group and community which has the same notion to gain momentum in sustainable and clean energy resources, we can better develop ourselves toward our goals. Better companions produce the best results.

Nada Elrhazouani

Electrification helps decrease our dependency on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and drive the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable economy. Sustainable and renewable energy provide alternative solutions that actively combat climate change and preserve our precious natural resources. Participating in the YAGE program enables me to contribute towards these goals by exploring and advocating for innovative solutions in the field of energy and electrification.

Oluwanifemi Blessing Ojo

In the renewable energy sector, I find myself playing significant roles in driving energy access, which, to me, represents a profound commitment to protecting our planet and elevating the living standards of countless individuals, particularly in developing continents.

As a Young Ambassador for Global Electrification, specializing in Decentralized Smart Energy Systems, I look forward to being equipped alongside other young energy leaders to create transformative impact, effectively minimizing energy poverty.

I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the GSEP award scholarship, and excited to contribute immensely to the world’s drive for a sustainable future.

Nicol Olivares

I have participated in multiple projects focused on energy and sustainability such as micro-analyzing atmospheric particles in Mexico, researching methanol and hydrogen fuel cells, analyzing the environmental footprint of the cosmetic and personal care industry, and comparing the development of renewable energies and green logistics in Latin America. I am positive that the Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification program and studying a M.S. in Energy and Sustainability with a Specialization in Energy Technology at Northwestern University will grant me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills to lead a smooth transition to sustainable transportation.

Lamiae Oulbaz

The shift towards clean, renewable energy sources is crucial for our planet’s future. Participating in the YAGE program allows me to contribute to raising awareness and developing innovative solutions for electrification and sustainable energy.

Arya Pramod Bele

Energy security is a significant and tangible concern. Adopting a holistic approach, known as nexus thinking, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of renewable energy strategies. Being part of GSEP’s Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification is an exciting endeavor. As a long term goal, I aspire to be at the forefront of the sustainable electrification revolution, illuminating a path towards a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Jocelyn Delgado

As Chemical Engineer and Master’s student, I am committed to contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions that are accessible and affordable for everyone. I am confident that the current technology development applied to the efforts to reduce the energy consumption and use of non-renewable resources can change the future. Being part of YAGE program is a great opportunity to connect with professionals and experts dedicated to the sustainable energy sector. To learn how each of us is addressing this challenge from different perspectives can help us to create better solutions.


Catalina Gómez Oviedo

Growing up in Colombia, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world has fueled my love for and commitment to cultural and biological diversity. With a background in ecology and experience in environmental management, I am prepared to become a member of GSEP’s Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification, and I am excited to collaborate with a community of bright young people. This opportunity will accelerate my professional growth and support my goal of achieving sustainable development.