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Unlocking Beneficial Electrification: The Voice of End Users



For the first time ever, the voice of electricity customers from the transportation, industry, and building sectors is captured in a global independent study during one of the most difficult times in history.

The study is rich with first-hand information from in-depth interviews with over 110 electricity end users spread over 10 countries.  Specific examples and success stories were collected, providing direct insights on the pace of electrification around the world and what electricity customers say what they need to accelerate the energy transition.

The findings reveal that end users believe that electrification can have a wide range of benefits, from a reduction in their carbon footprint, decrease of local noise and air pollution, to improved energy performance and positive effect on working environment and experience. Some end users, particularly in the building sector, are even feeling a pull to electrify from their own customers, despite the pandemic.

End users shared what they need the most in order to move away from fossil fuels and the study summarizes eight initiatives they identified as the most helpful to accelerate electrification. The initiatives range from increasing the supply of decarbonized and reliable electricity to improving the economics of electric solutions (to ensure electricity is affordable) and creating more incentive schemes and regulations. They identified energy providers are their partner of choice to help them accelerate electrification and capture its benefits, but also see governments as playing a key role through targeted regulations that level the playing field with other fuels and policies that accurately incorporate the cost of carbon into the market price.


Please note that the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership will cease operations as of the end of June 2024.