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Solar Lamp Program

Key Results

  • 61,238 solar lamps provided to off-grid rural communities in eight countries around the world
  • Improved day-to-day quality of life of recipients by providing a cleaner source of lighting, facilitating education, enhancing personal safety, and improving indoor air quality

Together with the Global BrightLight Foundation, we provided over 60,000 solar lamps to off-grid households in eight countries around the world.

Without access to a reliable and affordable source of energy, remote communities are the most prone to poverty and low-quality living conditions. Off-grid solutions are sometimes the most efficient way to give them access to clean energy. Priced comparatively to similar kerosene lanterns, we provided the solar lamps to the communities through a pay-as-you-go program to ensure that the beneficiaries take ownership and responsibility for the lamps and their care.

Replacing kerosene, candles or – in some cases – animal waste with clean solar lamps improves indoor air quality, facilitates greater access to education, enhances personal safety and enriches the quality of life of these communities. The simple provision of solar light will generate social, educational, and economic opportunities that many currently lack.

"We are very happy with the lamp. It is very useful for us at home. The lamp works very well and can keep a charge for two days in a row. This lamp is very important for us! Thank you for this excellent service!"

Philamon, 6th grade teacher, Les Anglais, Haiti


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  • Global BrightLight Foundation
  • Various local NGOs