Workshop on best practices for large hydropower in Russia

April 25, 2013

Led by our member RusHydro, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership hosted a workshop on best practices for large hydropower development in Russia. Entitled Large Hydropower: Creating Benefits for Sustainable Development, the objective of the workshop was to create awareness about the role and benefits of sustainable large hydropower in the future energy mix in ensuring security of supply, enhancing social and environmental mitigation measures, and stimulating local/regional development while mitigating and adapting to climate change. Held in Tolyatti, Russia from April 24 to 25, the workshop was attended by close to 50 participants from 7 countries.

During the workshop, representatives from the Ministry of Energy of the Samara region, as well as local and international experts from the World Bank/IFC, the International Hydropower Association, UNDP, Hydro-Québec (Canada), Électricité de France (France), Enel (Italy) and RusHydro (Russia), among others, presented the best practices around the world regarding large hydropower development and deployment and shared their perspectives about the future. Through interactive panel discussions moderated by international large hydropower project developers and experts, panelists presented their experiences on how to guarantee social and economic development while also protecting the environment, how to address mitigation measures acceptable by the population and by the regulation framework, how to increase transparency and accountability vis-à-vis local stakeholders, and how to promote sustainable local/regional development.

A highlight of the workshop was a technical visit of RusHydro's Zhigulevskaya hydropower plant. A press conference with regional and national news outlets was convened to present the objectives of the workshop and a summary of the major conclusions.