The Future of Remotization in the Electric Power Industry - WHITE PAPER RELEASE

April 9, 2021

Remotization and reliance on digital technologies is seen as a strategic imperative that will greatly contribute to the adaptation of electric utilities to new economic realities and constraints linked to the energy transition.

Remotization can greatly improve the efficiency of electric utility operations. It will allow utilities to improve the way assets are operated and maintained, how decisions to replace them are made and how construction sites are managed. Remotization has potential applications in almost every segment of the utility business, from generation plants, hydroelectric dams, transmission lines and substations, to the distribution grid and customer premises.


GSEP is launching a white paper aiming to present the opportunities provided by the deployment of remotization technologies in the electric utility business. The current and future context of utilities is presented in order to gain a better understanding of the coming challenges that will drive change. Potential applications and expected benefits reveal the multiple possibilities seen by utility experts. Use cases will show how remotization is already a potential reality in many applications, and a vision of the future will establish that this is just the beginning.