WATCH | The Future of Remotization in the Electric Power Industry

October 25, 2021

Climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a great concern shared by most organizations in the world today. Electric utilities are not blind to this reality as they are a major player in the expected shift from today’s carbon-based economy towards a green and sustainable carbon-free economy.

Electric utilities will need to adapt and take advantage of new technologies in order to play the critical role they are expected to. Remotization and reliance on various new digital technologies are seen as strategic imperatives that will greatly contribute to the adaptation of utilities to new economic realities and constraints.

This webinar aims to present the opportunities provided by the deployment of remotization technologies in the electric utility business. The webinar will cover:

  • Drivers to change based on current and future context of utilities
  • Potential applications and expected benefits
  • Use cases showcasing how remotization is already a reality in many applications.
  • Drivers and barriers for the adoption of these technologies
  • Review of the ecosystem needed to overcome challenges in technology development and deployment