REPORT - Building the electrification alliance: Bridging along and across value chains

February 23, 2021

GSEP launched today its report “Building the electrification alliance: Bridging along and across value chains”. The report explores and identifies how sustainable electrification partnerships are already a game changer, helping to improve the way we use energy every day in crucial sectors such as transport, buildings and industry.


As the world is engaged in a revolutionary energy transition, partnerships and alliances fostering electrification are emerging across sectors and continents. Building these partnerships around electrification, within every step of key lengthy value chains such as those of transport, buildings and industry, is a worthy way to lead a sustainable energy transition and provide clean energy to all.

These electrification partnerships can enable technology solutions, innovative approaches and open policies to unlock new business cases. Finding the right enablers and putting them into regulations across the globe is a necessary step towards synergic electrification partnerships and solid electrification alliances. There is a need to promote the emergence of industrial ecosystems platforms able to generate positive network externalities. Such systems will allow all actors involved to move from competition to collaboration scenarios, boosting value creation for end customers through interoperable services and resource pooling.

Gathering the experiences of utilities around the globe in this area, this report covers seventeen cases of successful electrification partnerships in transport, buildings and industry, involving dozens of partners in the upstream, midstream and downstream stages of the value chains for those sectors.


Watch the Electrification Dialogue presenting and discussing the report findings: