Now available: webinar on new, advanced transmission technology

March 30, 2016

American Electric Power’s new Breakthrough Overhead Line Design (BOLD™) is a new advanced transmission technology that can help transmission owners and developers cost-effectively replace and upgrade aging lines, increase transmission capacity, and reduce energy losses in the same transmission corridor.

In March 2016, the GSEP and its member company AEP hosted a webinar titled “BOLD™, a new transmission technology for modernizing the grid and improving generating resource integration in the US and in other countries”. Experts from AEP presented this new transmission technology, and its history, development, features, and potential impacts on grid modernization.

The webinar was presented by Evan Wilcox, President of BOLD LLC, an AEP company and Director of AEP Transmission Planning, and Paul Loeffelman, Director, Corporate US External Affairs and Head of Corporate International Affairs.