Now available: webinar on energy demand, generation and resilience under a changing climate

October 5, 2016

In October 2016, the GSEP and its member company Hydro-Québec collaborated with the World Energy & Meteorology Council and the Ouranos Consortium to host a webinar titled “Energy Demand, Generation and Resilience under a Changing Climate”.

Given the weather-and climate-dependency of both renewable energy and energy demand (even in the case of large storage uptake), it is important to understand how weather and climate variations can and does affect, energy demand and generation. Climate variability and change – through extreme weather events, rising average temperatures, and hydrological changes – also poses risks to energy systems, and thereby energy security, by altering energy demand, disrupting energy supply and damaging energy infrastructure.

The webinar was presented by Dr. Alberto Troccoli (Managing Director at the World Energy & Meteorology Council and Visiting Professor at the University of East Anglia) and Dr. Marco Braun (hydroclimatology specialist and physical geographer at the Ouranos Consortium).