Inauguration of our Energy for Education solar project in Nepal

April 19, 2013

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership’s Nepal Energy for Education solar project was inaugurated this week. The ceremony was attended by close to 800 residents from the village of Matela in the Surkhet District in western Nepal, the site for the project. 

To underscore their excitement of the project’s completion, a group of students from the Malika U Ma Vi School composed a song for the occasion that was presented at the inauguration ceremony. In their lyrics, the students thanked GSEP and its partners for the project and sang that now that “solar energy has come to our place we can go and learn how to use computers and achieve great things”. A touching moment for all those present, the students’ excitement mirrored that of teachers and the village residents. 

Led by Duke Energy (USA) for GSEP, the project featured the installation of a PV system at the two local schools in Matela, the Malika U Ma Vi and the Rastriya Ma Vi Schools, that will substantially improve the quality of education by providing continuous lighting. At the Malika U Ma Vi School, the PV system will also provide sufficient energy to operate a new computer room that will allow students in their last year of studies to have access to modern education services. At the Rastriya Ma Vi School, two computers were also connected for their computer lab. As part of the project, small solar home systems (SSHS) were distributed to participating students and residents of Matela. Students will now be able to do their homework after dusk, while providing residents with a cleaner source of lighting for their homes.

The Headmasters of the two beneficiary schools presided over the inauguration ceremony. Luis Calzado, GSEP’s project coordinator, along with Buddhi Prasad Sapkota, Chairperson of the
Beautiful Nepal Association (BNA), our local partner, took the stage to present the project to the
schools. They were accompanied by Niraj Subedi, past recipient of GSEP’s scholarship and this project's promoter and local manager, and Suman Basnet, the project’s senior PV advisor. Premraj Pokhrel, representative of the Surkhet Development District Committee and the Government of Nepal’s Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) was also present. The partnership with BNA and the support from AEPC were invaluable in the development of this project.