GSEP publishes report encouraging action on electrification

June 18, 2018

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) has released a report encouraging action from industries and policymakers to achieve large-scale electrification. Electricity is the energy of the 21st century, with a unique set of qualities that make it indispensable to meeting the growing need for reliable, affordable and clean energy. The report, “New electricity frontiers: Harnessing the role of low-carbon electricity uses in a digital era”, outlines the group’s six fundamental convictions about the future of electricity, including the need for rapid acceleration of electrification and the evolving role of utilities in becoming the leaders of this transition in today’s digital era. It also details five key enablers, amongst others, that could help governments and regulators move towards more effective public policies to support electrification.

Electricity will become the world’s leading energy source by 2050, according to most projections, with a share in final energy demand that should double, from 18% today to about 36% in 2050. This represents a major shift in the energy sector, and the ambition can be even higher. GSEP believes that we can shift gears by promoting the electrification of end-uses in all sectors, including its economic and environmental benefits. The momentum for efficient electrification is growing, with competitive electricity technologies (such as electric light-duty vehicles and heat pumps for buildings) ready for mass deployment.

The report includes case studies and examples of GSEP member companies’ projects and initiatives that are accelerating electrification and digital innovations in buildings, transportation and industry.

The full report is available here