GSEP completes solar lamp distribution around the world

June 2, 2014

Working in partnership with the Global BrightLight Foundation, GSEP has completed its commitment to distribute 50,000 solar lamps worldwide. This program was created in support of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (UN SE4ALL) initiative. Exceeding our original commitment, over 60,000 solar lamps were distributed this past year to families in Rwanda, Nepal, Uganda, Haiti, Guatemala, Zambia, Bolivia and Peru.

Check out the impacts the lamps have had on these communities and hear testimonies from beneficiaries in these short videos.

Priced comparatively to the kerosene lamps used by these communities, the solar lamps were provided through a pay-as-you-go program to ensure that the beneficiaries take ownership and responsibility for the lamps and their care. The funds collected are used to purchase the lamps, to purchase replacement batteries, and for the maintenance of the lamps.

Replacing kerosene lamps, candles or animal waste with clean solar lanterns improves indoor air quality, facilitates access to education, enhances personal safety and enriches the quality of life of these communities. The simple provision of a solar lamp generates opportunities -even economic ones- that these people lacked.

Off-grid solutions like these lamps are sometimes the most efficient way to give remote communities a reliable and affordable source of energy.