Companies release report on electricity as a carbon footprint reduction tool

June 2, 2017

Today, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership’s (GSEP) member companies released a report on the role of electricity as a carbon footprint reduction tool. The report addresses the issues of innovation and the energy transition from the perspective of five key actions: decarbonizing power generation, increasing the role of electricity, integrating grids and energy sources, rolling out smart grids, and improving energy efficiency.

The report outlines the concrete accomplishments and achievements of the GSEP and its members in each of these five areas. The GSEP members affirm that as we move towards a sustainable economy, no-carbon or low-carbon, affordable and reliable electricity is a key vector to improve quality of life, health, education and economic development, while helping countries achieve their climate goals.

The report is a follow-up to GSEP’s report published in 2015 for policymakers at the Paris Climate Change Conference, which provided various recommendations to clearly define the path that technological innovation in the energy industry can play to ensure sustainable economic growth with a smaller carbon footprint.