Electricity leaders share views on building a more sustainable future at annual CEO Summit

June 2, 2015

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership’s annual CEO Summit ended today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summit was hosted by Eletrobras –the 2014-2015 outgoing Chair Company of the organization– and brought together the heads and representatives of the largest electricity companies around the world.

The second day of the Summit centered on “Challenges for positive engagement of stakeholders in the operation and expansion of electric utilities’ assets”, the theme of Eletrobras’ GSEP chairmanship year. In a series of exchanges between the GSEP Chairmen and distinguished guests from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil, ANEEL (Brazilian National Regulatory Agency), the Electric Power Research Institute, the International Electrotechnical Commission, Global Electricity Initiative, among others, different insights and experiences were presented on how to increase engagement of different stakeholder groups in order to drive long-term sustainable business success.

In another highlight of the Summit, the Chairmen welcomed EuroSibEnergo from Russia as a new member of the GSEP. EuroSibEnergo is the world’s largest private hydro-generation company and the largest private power company in Russia with an extensive corporate social responsibility portfolio. Their pool of expertise is a great addition to the GSEP and the organization’s ability to promote sustainable energy development in the world. “We are all very enthusiastic to have EuroSibEnergo join our Partnership. This clearly shows EuroSibEnergo’s true commitment towards the promotion of sustainable energy development and its strong will to work together with the biggest electricity companies of the world towards this goal,” commented Mr. Jose da Costa, CEO of Eletrobras and 2014-2015 GSEP Chairman.

The Summit closed with the transfer of the GSEP Chairmanship to State Grid Corporation of China for the 2015-2016 year, whose theme of the year will be "Roadmap for Energy Future - Moving from Today’s Power Systems to a Global Energy Interconnection". The GSEP also issued its 2014-2015 Annual Report, summarizing a year of building capacities to foster stakeholder engagement through our capacity building activities.