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A leading player in the world’s power and gas markets, Enel is a multinational power company that operates in over 30 countries across four continents with over 61 million users worldwide. Enel is one of Europe’s leading power companies in terms of installed capacity and reported earnings, with a net installed capacity of more than 83 GW and an electricity network of approximately 1.9 million km. In 2017, Enel was recognized by Fortune as one of the 50 companies capable to “change the world”, incorporating solutions to social challenges as part of its business strategy. Enel is a pioneer in the development and application of innovative solutions, including renewable energy generation, smart grids, distribution, electric mobility, energy efficiency and energy storage.

Enel is committed to generate electricity at zero emission by 2050:

  • Under Enel’s current strategic plan, a medium-term target has been set in 2020 of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 2007 levels, stepping up the previous target (-18%) set in 2014.
  • This target also includes Enel’s plan to decommission 13 GW of fossil power plants
  • Enel made climate change a priority by making commitments in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to 2030 released by the United Nations. Climate action is, indeed, one of the four goals Enel selected out of the 17 ones included in the United Nations list.

Enel’s contributions towards decarbonization

In 2016, approximately half of the electricity the Enel Group produced was free of carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the world’s major producers of clean energy. Furthermore, Enel has committed to decarbonize its energy mix by 2050.

Additional renewable capacity

The Enel Group expects to add 6.7 GW of additional renewable capacity between 2017 and 2019, including both managed and consolidated assets. The Built, sell and operate model will allow the Group to capitalize on its 21 GW pipeline more quickly, decrease the overall risk profile and crystallize value creation earlier. On top of this, development of new renewable capacity is a crucial step in the Enel Group’s path to zero emission by 2050.

New business and innovative technologies

Enel is engaged in developing new innovative solutions to deliver clean energies. Currently Enel is focused on the following technologies:

  • Storage: supporting the transition toward a zero emission world
  • Off grid systems: bringing electricity to remote areas
  • Hybrid Solutions: optimizing the reliability of the supply and reducing the cost of the renewable energy sources electricity
  • Electric mobility: working on e-mobility including vehicle to grid technology and enabling the integration of e-cars into the electricity grid (“V2G”).

Enel is developing new services that use energy to respond to global challenges. To learn more, visit www.enel.com/en


CO2-free production, including diversified generation from renewables such as hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar


Reduction of CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 2007 (“science-based” target), and committed to be zero emission by 2050

6.7 GW

of additional renewables to be added in Strategic Plan 2017-2019