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Meet the Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification

GSEP launches community to promote exchange of expertise and knowledge advancing the energy transition.

GSEP is officially launching its Young Ambassadors for Global Electrification program, a strong community of 48 young professionals and experts from developing countries empowered to defend and promote the benefits of sustainable electrification and clean energy development around the globe.

The program offers private seminars with seasoned energy experts from our members companies and partner organizations sharing first-hand knowledge with those young professionals. It also provides the ambassadors with an opportunity to present their reseach and work to their peers and representatives from our member companies.

As the world faces a global climate crisis, it is essential that our brightest minds are equipped to lead the energy transition and pave the way to a clean energy economy. GSEP believes that fostering collaboration and synergies between the work of this community of young ambassadors from various fields of expertise can help shape a sustainable future.

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