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Spotlight on China: developing EVs and charging infrastructure in a new energy system

Date: November 29, 2018

Presented by:

Dr. Xianzhong Dai, Senior engineer and researcher, State Grid Energy Research Institute

Duration: 19 minutes


State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) owns and operates the world’s largest EV charging network and service platform, with over 66,000 charging stations in China covering a territory of 26 provinces. In this webinar, SGCC shares more about the company’s EV infrastructure development and the key challenges the company is tackling. The presenter also shares success stories and lessons learned from the company’s creation of a smart energy management system that can optimize the interaction between EVs and the power grid. 

Watch the webinar now:

About the speakers

Dr. Xianzhong Dai

Senior engineer and researcher at the State Grid Energy Research Institute.

His research focuses on policies and business models for smart grids, electric vehicles and charging facilities, and the global energy internet.


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