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Operation and maintenance of electric buses in Lima, Peru


  • Develop expertise on electric transportation in Peru
  • Facilitate the integration of electric buses into the Peruvian transit system

GSEP along with member companies Hydro-Québec and Enel X held a training workshop on operation and maintenance of electric buses, which was attended by 55 local bus operators and aimed at developing expertise on electric transportation in Peru in order to facilitate the integration of electric buses into the Peruvian transit system.

Experts from Enel X and Hydro-Québec, as well as from WSP, ViriCiti and the bus manufacturer, shared their expertise and showcase the best global practices on electric transportation throughout the three-day workshop. The workshop covered: electric transportation technology and its advantages, electric transportation operation and maintenance, and hands-on maintenance of an electric bus.

This workshop is part of a pilot project implemented by GSEP to integrate an electric bus to the transport system in Lima and to compile data that the Peruvian government will use to implement large-scale electrification across the country’s public transit systems. 

This initiative is aligned with GSEP’s belief that electricity is the energy of the future, as cleaner electricity generation, energy efficiency and massive electrification of end-uses will be needed to reach the world’s development and climate goals.

“Building human capacities in electric mobility is an essential part of enhancing the integration of electric buses into the public transit system of Lima.”

“Introducing electric transportation technology to the Peruvian public transit system will support the country’s move towards the energy transition and the achievement of its climate goals.”



  • Hydro-Québec 
  • Enel X


Please note that the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership will cease operations as of the end of June 2024.