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Hydropower skills development workshop in Asia


  • Increase participants’ knowledge of hydropower generation projects in the region
  • Encourage the sharing of experiences and the dissemination of best practices in the region

More than 70 local and international experts and government delegates came together in Kathmandu, Nepal at a GSEP skill-building workshop on hydropower generation development. The workshop was organized in partnership with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the Nepalese Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRI), and GSEP member companies Kansai Electric Power, EDF and Hydro-Québec. Participants shared experiences and lessons learned from other hydropower projects, with the purpose of assisting local project developers in identifying actions that will facilitate the development of hydropower projects in the country.

The Himalayan region has considerable hydropower potential that has not been fully exploited. Nepal is blessed with significant hydropower resources that have been estimated to be around 84,000 MW, of which 43,000 MW have been identified as economically viable. Although Nepal suffers from regular energy shortages, the available hydropower resources could provide a large surplus if strategically developed.

“This workshop will fill the knowledge gap by bringing together experts with decision makers and practitioners to build skills in the sustainable electricity sector. This workshop will provide not only essential knowledge, but also a great opportunity to share experiences on both technical and regulatory issues.”

“It is important for Kansai Electric to share not only our experience and lessons learned in the implementation of hydropower projects in the region, such as the Nam Ngiep 1 HPP project in Laos, but also additional practical tools in the development and management of hydropower plants. We hope that this workshop will assist the Nepalese government and project developers to successfully capitalize on the country’s vast hydropower potential.”



  • Kansai Electric Power
  • EDF
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Nepalese Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation