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Columbus, Ohio, USA: A replicable model for smart electrification for social good

Date: April 9, 2019

Presented by:

Ram Sastry, Vice president – Innovation & Technology, American Electric Power (AEP)

Duration: 51 minutes


Electrification – the process of powering equipment or systems by electricity – is driving global innovation of commercial and residential buildings, transportation systems and industry. It is also driving innovation in the design of new energy solutions and services for American Electric Power Company’s (AEP) customers. 
In this webinar, AEP (a GSEP member company) shares its perspectives and experience in building a smart community in Columbus, Ohio, USA. In 2016, the City of Columbus – home to AEP’s corporate headquarters – won the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Smart City Challenge. Smart Columbus has a vision that starts with the reinvention of mobility, positioning central Ohio for a future beyond what anyone has yet imagined. Goals include:

  • Improving people’s quality of life
  • Driving growth in the economy
  • Providing better access to jobs and job opportunities
  • Becoming a world-class logistics center
  • Fostering sustainability

As part of this initiative, AEP will help drive consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by removing barriers and investing in and supporting the deployment of electric charging station infrastructure. AEP was one of several partners to sign on to the challenge with the City of Columbus. The collaboration focuses on modernizing the transportation network and reducing carbon emissions in both the transportation and electric power sectors. While the partnership focuses on central Ohio, the lessons we take away will benefit all of AEP’s customers in the 11 states we serve.

AEP envisions a future of widespread electrification. By replacing technologies that run on combustion engines and motors with alternatives that run on electricity, we can optimize how we use the power grid and hasten the transition to clean energy. The advent of smart cities and their ecosystems of smart transportation, smart street lighting, smart buildings, electric vehicle charging stations and other technologies, has quantifiable social benefits for our communities. 

La montée en puissance des énergies renouvelables variables impose une gestion adaptée des réseaux électriques.

  • Les énergies variables déstabilisent-elles les réseaux électriques ?
  • Les coûts pour les réseaux ne sont-ils pas trop élevés ?
  • Le stockage est-il indispensable ?

Le séminaire abordera ces questions à partir de deux études de cas, l’une au Québec et l’autre au Sénégal.
Une période de questions et réponses suivra les présentations. Le séminaire sera enregistré et pourra être visualisé ultérieurement.


About the speakers

Ram Sastry

Vice president – Innovation & Technology, at American Electric Power (AEP).

In this role, he is responsible for identifying new technologies and business models in the United States and internationally that will help position AEP for success. He joined AEP in 2002.


Please note that the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership will cease operations as of the end of June 2024.