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2021 CEO Summit

Co-hosted by AEP and Enel, GSEP’s 2021 Summit was held on May 25 and 26, 2021 under the theme Unlocking Beneficial Electrification: Accelerating the Energy Transition Together co-chaired by Nick Akins, Chairman, President and CEO of American Electric Power, and Francesco Venturini,  CEO of Enel X. This was GSEP’s very first Summit held completely virtually and, for the first time ever, the public was invited to attend a global virtual broadcast on May 26. 

The event was the occasion for our alliance of leading global electricity companies to unveil the findings of the first customer-driven global independent study on beneficial electrification. The study brings forward the voice of over 110 electricity end-users spread over 10 countries from the transportation, building and industry sectors.


The event gathered over 15 high-level speakers including Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO of EDF; Abderrahim El Hafidi, CEO of Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (ONÉE); Xin Baoan, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC); Yinbiao Shu, Chairman of China Huaneng Group (CHNG); Paul Kjellander, President, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC); Sheila Hollis, Executive Director, United States Energy Association; Michael Radler, CEO, XcL Midstream; Art Justice, Vice President, Energy and Sustainability, Cinemark; and Yvonne McIntyre, Director, U.S. Federal Electricity and Utility Policy, Climate & Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council.