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2019 Osaka Summit

The 2019 Summit was hosted by Kansai Electric Power Company. Discussions at the Summit centered on the 4Ds: decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and deregulation and changing market design (including investment and financing). These are megatrends that are structurally transforming the electricity sector. Illustrious guest speakers included Dr. Tsutomu Toichi, Councillor of the Institute of Energy Economics of Japan, Dr. Akihiko Yokyama, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Hiro Mizuno, Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan. 

The GSEP CEOs issued the Osaka Summit Statement, outlining GSEP members’ commitment to accelerate efficient electrification and innovation along the full electricity value chain, which will deliver both economic and social benefits. 

As we move forward on the energy transition path, how can we ensure that all regions of the world benefit equally from a green energy economy? What initiatives can be implemented to support people and communities to reap the environment, social and economic benefits of electrification? How can innovation help us achieve a cleaner future for all? 

You are invited to attend our free virtual conference showcasing influential stakeholders of the African and global energy sector on Thursday, June 2 from 09:00 – 13:00 (Casablanca time GMT+1).