Sowee Allows for the Smart Management of Connected Homes


Category: Buildings

Location: France

GSEP member: EDF

With its connected hub and a range of services, EDF’s subsidiary SOWEE allows its customers to control their heating down to the last degree and see exactly what they’re spending.

Sowee includes the control, sensors and a smart thermostat that works with the home’s smart meters. An app allows customers to manage their energy from their phone. Sowee provides different temperature configurations throughout the day and/or budget control, and an "Away" setting to save energy. Sowee’s smart-management system can help customers to reduce their energy bill up to 15%.

Sowee also allows customers to manage all the smart appliances in their home, with features such as weather forecasts, journey planning, humidity and CO₂ readings, providing simplicity and comfort. Sowee will soon be able to manage the energy production of photovoltaic panels and the charging of electric cars, driving the development of self-generated power and renewable energy solutions.

Location: France

Location: France

GSEP members: EDF,