Demand Response Provides Grid Flexibility, Stability and More Efficient Use of Power Infrastructure


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In August 2017 Enel finalized the acquisition of EnerNOC, the world’s largest provider of demand response and energy intelligence software. EnerNOC partners with enterprises to reduce costs, manage risks, increase sustainability, and maximize the value of emerging energy technologies through customized energy management strategies.

EnerNOC is the global leader in demand-side flexibility services, providing large energy users access to more demand response and demand management programs worldwide than any other provider. In addition to its flexibility solutions, EnerNOC’s technology-enabled advisory solutions help large energy users create value through strategic energy procurement, energy management, and utility bill management software as well as services.

EnerNOC has more than 8,000 customers, 14,000 sites under management and a total of 6.2 GW of demand response capacity currently managed all around the world. Demand response programs are conceived for large energy customers, such as manufacturing facilities, data center and commercial real estate companies that are willing to adjust their energy consumption by either reducing or increasing their power consumption to stabilize the grid and earn money.

Demand response provides grid flexibility, stability and more efficient use of power infrastructure in order to help maintain electricity prices as low as possible for all consumers and postpone investments on the grid. Enel X’s demand response commercial and industrial clients are paid for the flexibility they provide to the system by staying ready in the event of a grid emergency and they obtain additional payments when they are effectively dispatched.

Location: Global

Location: Global

GSEP members: ENEL,