Enel X Aims to Become a Leader in e-Mobility


Category: Transportation

Location: Italy

GSEP member: Enel

Enel X aims to become a technological leader in the e-mobility sector, to promote increasingly widespread and efficient electrical mobility with its charging infrastructure, Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) services and second battery life applications.

In November 2017, Enel X presented the Charging Infrastructure Plan for Italy. The plan will see the installation of about 7,000 charging stations by 2020, and 14,000 by 2022; the program calls for an investment between 100 and 300 million euro.

Furthermore, thanks to the recent acquisition of eMotorWerks, a California based start‑up, Enel X’s charging stations can interact with cars, customers and the grid. Indeed, JuiceNet, an integrated IOT platform developed by eMotorWerks, is able to remotely control and aggregate the distributed loads of thousands of EVs for grid balancing purposes, in addition to optimizing the cost of vehicle charging. Hence, thanks to VGI technology, Enel X smart charging stations can interact with the grid providing flexibility to the system, by modulating the process of charging according to the status of the grid. Additionally, customers can monetize their vehicle battery by participating to VGI program.

Location: Italy

Location: Italy

GSEP members: Enel,