Charging Networks are Recognized as the Key Infrastructure to Promote the Spread of EVs in China


Category: Transportation

Location: China

GSEP member: SGCC

By the end of 2017, China had over 450,000 charging posts, a 14-fold increase since the end of 2014.

As the leader in China’s EV development, State Grid implemented the Smart EV-to-Grid Service Network (SEGSN), providing an EV charging service and charging-post information. Moreover, SEGSN also provides EV sales and rental, EV insurance and finance and charging-post maintenance. SEGSN is the information hub for EV drivers, electricity grids and charging station operators, facilitating efficient communication among EVs, posts and grids and contributing to the foundation of a smart EV ecosystem.

SEGSN now covers 19 provinces and 150 cities. It also provides charging services along over 310,000 km of highways, at intervals of only 50 km.

By the end of 2017, 170,000 charging posts were connected and over 800,000 consumers registered. In 2017, electricity consumption from EV charging in SEGSN reached 390 GWh, of which about 100 GWh was during off-peak periods, accounting for 26% of the total.

SEGSN is capable of real-time operation monitoring and efficient maintenance: 90%
of faults are fixed in one hour and the availability of charging posts is as high as 99%.

Location: China

Location: China

GSEP members: SGCC,