Electrification stories


Electrifying heating makes sense… it helps reduce air pollution in Northern China


Electric grids are evolving… and GSEP member Kansai of Japan is at the forefront


Electrifying industry makes sense … just ask the Hakutsuru Sake company in Kobe, Japan


Columbus, Ohio, Provides a Replicable Model for Smart Electrification for Social Good


Electrifying cars makes sense … just ask the people of Québec, Canada


Electrification of transportation infrastructure in China improves efficiency

Electrification: a vital pathway for the energy transition

Electricity is essential for our digital and modern era.  Cleaner, efficient, flexible, reliable and affordable electricity is indispensable for climate protection, and a major driver of development and economic growth.

Electrification rates must double if we are to meet climate objectives.




people around the world
still do not have access
to electricity

Energy Mix


is the share of electricity in the global energy system

Climate Goals


of electricity generated worldwide is carbon-free and that share continues to grow

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