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1997 Toronto Summit

The theme of the 1997 Toronto Summit, with Ontario Hydro as host, was “Sustainable Energy Development – Industry Focus in a Period of Transition”. At this Summit, the Chairmen identified areas where Sustainable Energy Development practices could be transferred to developing countries. During the year, a Sustainable Energy Development best practices web site was unveiled, detailing submissions from electric utilities from nineteen countries. In addition, for the 1997 Rio+5 Conference in Brasil, Ontario Hydro led the preparation of the e7 and Sustainable Energy Development: The Power of Action document and organised a workshop entitled “The Power of Positive Results: Sharing the Experience”, which brought together twenty-one world-wide utilities to discuss examples of SED practices.

At this Summit the Chairmen also signed the e7 Constitution, detailing the Mission, Objectives and Vision of the then e7.

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