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2000 Québec Summit

Electricity is an essential commodity for development and for improvements in standards of living. In developed nations we take for granted electricity in schools, hospitals, businesses and homes. However, 2 billion people throughout the world are still without of electricity and hence deprived of these basic benefits.

The 2000 Québec annual Summit was hosted by Hydro-Québec.

To contribute efficiently and effectively to the sustainable development of electric power systems in developing countries, the host company proposed to the Chairmen that guidelines on “Pooling of Resources and Interconnections of Systems” as a tool for Regional Electricity Co-operation and Integration, be the theme of the year 2000 Summit.

Recently, three of the member countries faced an unpredictable weather situation that had serious impacts on their national electric grids. To discuss the implications of such events and their relationships to social trust, a round table on “Social Trust in Crisis Management” was organised at the 2000 Summit.

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