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2005 Ottawa Summit

Under the Chairmanship of Ontario Power Generation (OPG-Canada), the organization held its fourteenth annual Chairmen’s Summit in Ottawa, Canada. After having joined the group as an associate partner in 2004, RAO UESR, the Russian Federation’s largest electricity utility, became the tenth member of the organization during the Summit.

The major theme of the Summit was Education for Sustainable Energy Development and several internationally renowned experts and three ESED Scholars joined the Chairmen to discuss ways to further promote education in this field. The member companies then adopted an ambitious education plan, under which the Scholarship Program was extended and expanded to include a Scholars’ Network. The Chairmen acknowledged the excellent progress made on several projects, including the Bhutan-Chendebji Microhydro Project, the organization’s first Clean Development Mechanism project, which was inaugurated in August 2005.

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