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Member Companies

Each Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership member considers the management of environmental issues among its highest corporate priorities, and all support the concept of sustainable development.














The Partnership’s electricity companies are the largest electric utility companies in the world, operating in all major regions.

Membership in the Partnership is by invitation. The Partnership may also invite other organisations from around the world to become Partners and contribute to the implementation of the Partnership’s goals.

The number of members from a single country is limited to a maximum of two (2). The company must be the largest, or among the two largest companies, in the country that is under consideration.

The Partnership can be characterised as an entity with a unique operational knowledge of the electricity sector. In other words, the Partnership’s diversity of experience and expertise grant the organisation an all-encompassing scope of the global electricity industry. Sharing this wealth of experience with countries facing new pressures on their electrical industry is the most valuable way the Partnership can contribute to sustainable development throughout the world.

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