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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the purpose of the ESED scholarship?

The purpose of the ESED scholarship is to support outstanding students, from developing countries, pursuing advanced studies in sustainable energy development and to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.

+ Who is considered to be an outstanding student?

+ Who is eligible to apply for the ESED scholarship?

+ What are the levels of financial assistance and the duration of the scholarship?

+ Which programs are eligible for the ESED scholarship?

+ Which universities are eligible for the ESED Scholarship?

+ Does the Partnership offer scholarships for the PhD level?

+ Does the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership offer scholarships for the post-doctoral level?

+ Am I guaranteed the scholarship if I meet the requirements?

+ Should I wait to apply until I have received the acceptance letter from the university?

+ If I have applied to more than one university should I send two applications?

+ Should I send my original transcripts?

+ What document should be sent as a proof of citizenship?

+ Which reference number should be indicated in my reference letters?

+ How may I obtain the forms?

+ Does the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership send paper form applications to prospective applicants?

+ How do I submit my application package?

+ How should my referee add his/her digitized signature?

+ Should I send any additional documents?

+ How are applications assessed and awarded?

+ When will I know if my scholarship application has been successful?

+ How will I be informed of the selection?

+ If my application is successful, do I have to confirm with the Partnership that I am accepting the scholarship?

+ Will the ESED scholarship be sufficient to cover all my travel, tuition and living expenses?

+ How can I find out what it will cost to study at a particular university?

+ What if I am accepted at a university and the ESED scholarship is insufficient to cover all my expenses?

+ Can I hold more than one scholarship at a time?

+ Can I work for extra income while I have an ESED scholarship?

+ How do I cover medical expenses while studying abroad?

+ How will I obtain the scholarship funds?

+ Does the Partnership help me make travel and accommodation arrangements?

+ How do I pay for travel to my university?

+ Can I defer my ESED scholarship? For how long?

+ Can the Partnership provide additional funds to help me with expenses for research in addition to the scholarship?

+ Can I change universities and/or programs once I have been awarded the scholarship?

+ What are my obligations to the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership if I am selected?

+ How many times per year does the master's scholarship selection take place?

+ Apart from the annual master's scholarship selection, are there any other selections for the scholarship?

+ I applied for the scholarship but did not receive it this year. What should I do if I want to re-apply for next year’s scholarship?

+ Where do I get further information about the scholarship?

+ What is the deadline to apply for the ESED scholarship?

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