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2014 Moscow Summit

The heads and representatives of the largest electricity companies around the world convened in Moscow, Russia for the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership’s annual summit. Hosted by RusHydro, the 2013-2014 outgoing Chair Company of the organization, the discussions at the Moscow Summit revolved around the theme of innovation and the energy systems of new generation. Faced with new challenges in the 21st century, the power industry is taking proactive steps to identify appropriate measures and solutions.

Through the Moscow Summit discussions, the GSEP Chairmen, representatives and their guests shared their insights from different local and international perspectives. From the discussions, it is clear that to address the new challenges and to achieve sustainable development in the power industry and promote investments, a coordinated global effort among all stakeholders is required.

As leaders of the largest electricity companies in the world, the Chairmen and representatives issued a communiqué outlining GSEP’s commitment to actively work on finding solutions to the new trends and technical issues that are significantly affecting the electricity industry’s current business models.

Read the full GSEP Summit Communiqué.

Read the full news release.

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