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2013 Washington Summit

Duke Energy, 2012-2013 chair company of the GSEP, hosted its fellow Chairmen in Washington for their Summit on June 5-6, 2013.

With the presence of distinguished guests such as President Bill Clinton, renowned leaders of the electric industry from the World Energy Council, the International Electrotechnical Commission, MIT and EPRI, and keynote speakers like Dr. Fareed Zakaria (Editor-in-large of TIME Magazine and host of CNN’s flagship foreign affairs program) and Dr. Jim Yong Kim (President of the World Bank), the Chairmen exchanged lively on the importance of universal access to electricity and the role innovation can play to overcome challenges in the electric industry.

During the Washington Summit, Iberdrola of Spain was officially inducted as a member of the GSEP. The Chairmen gave a warm welcome to Mr. Ignacio Galan, CEO and Chairman of Iberdrola.

Read the complete news release here.


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