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2012 Berlin Summit

The Chairmen of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership and their representatives, gathered in Berlin for their Annual Summit on May 31, 2012. Joined by distinguished guests such as Mr. Günther Hermann Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy and Dr. Robert Ichord, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of State, Bureau of Energy Resources, among others, the Chairmen discussed the major challenges to be faced by electric utilities in the next decade and the role utilities and public-private partnerships have in accelerating the building of a low-carbon economy with universal access to electricity.

Representing the world leading electricity companies, the Chairmen believe that the next ten years will prove vital in the future of sustainable energy development. Despite facing different situations in their home environments, they identified three main challenges the international electricity sector will face in the future: the decarbonization of power generation, the optimization of transmission and distribution systems, and the assurance of stakeholder affordability and adequate energy supply. Faced with concerns over resource availability, climate change, energy security, and economic uncertainties, the Chairmen agreed that working together cooperatively with all stakeholders will be the only way to provide universal access to electricity and to meet growing electricity demand across the world in a sustainable way.

Acknowledging the importance of public-private partnerships in the success of sustainable energy development, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership jointly issued with UN-Energy the second edition of their report on Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships at the Berlin Summit. Based on the survey of public and private actors, as well as development banks and agencies, the report provides insights into how public-private partnerships can advance the global deployment of low-carbon electricity and help increase access to cleaner electricity, outlining best practices for successful public-private partnerships and key recommendations on how these partnerships can be strengthen.

At Berlin, the Chairmen of the Partnership welcomed Comisión Federal de Electricidad of Mexico as the latest member of the group, a valuable addition to the organization.

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