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2011 New York Summit

The 2011 Summit was held on June 2, 2011 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, marking the first time in the Partnership’s history that a Global Summit was convened. At this Global Summit to Strengthen Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Global Electricity Technology Deployment, top leaders in the public and private sectors and civil society discussed the following issues:

  • Role of public-private partnerships best practices to effectively establish energy policies;
  • Importance of long term stable policy frameworks to meet goals; and
  • Integration of partnerships into electricity and energy services development plans.

To see the agenda and presentations given at the Summit, please click here.

Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships

The Global Summit marked the culmination of a joint collaboration between the Partnership and UN-Energy. The global initiative for “Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships” to advance sustainable energy development focused on identifying effective and meaningful partnerships that support and promote the global deployment of low and zero-emitting electricity technologies at country, regional and global levels. The Partnership, with UN-Energy, conducted a global survey with the help of other partners and analyzed many submitted case studies highlighting the enabling policies and best practices of public-private partnerships. The report of these results is an important element of the initiative and it aims at supporting countries in making significant progress towards global electricity access by 2030.

To mark the collaboration between both organizations, UN-Energy and the Partnership signed a joint declaration of support for strengthening public-private partnerships.

The Global Summit in the news:

Report on Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships
(For the executive summary, please click here. The full report is available here)

A website has been created, compiling all the submitted case studies. Visitors to the website can search the database for specific examples of successful public-private partnerships. Additional case studies can be submitted to be included in the database, although they will not be included in the official report for the initiative. To view the website with all the case studies, or to submit additional ones, click here.

New York Summit side event: Strong public-private partnerships and Electric Vehicles

Strong public-private partnerships are also a key success factor for Electric Vehicles and as a representative of the international electricity sector, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership is committed to cooperate with all key actors for a successful deployment of EVs. The members of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, are dedicated to working together with the auto industry and international associations to implement the successful conditions for the arrival of EVs. The side event at the New York Summit showcased a series of EVs, as well as the issuing of a joint statement in favour of strong public-private partnerships for EVs with the International Electrotechnical Commission.

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