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2008 La Malbaie Summit

At this year’s annual Summit in La Malbaie, Québec, Canada, under the chairmanship of Hydro-Québec, the Partnership’s Chairmen met to discuss the international electricity sector’s technological challenges and solutions to address climate change. They put forward the following statement:

La Malbaie Summit Statement

The Chairmen held open discussions on key challenges and potential opportunities facing the international electricity sector in its efforts to reduce global levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The discussions, moderated by three eminent personalities of the international energy field, namely, Messrs Claude Mandil (former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency), Steve Specker (President and CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute) and Gerald Doucet (Secretary General of the World Energy Council) tackled key issues including the selection of existing and emerging mitigating technologies, renewable energies, effective financing, deployment, implementation and social acceptance. 

At the Summit, the new memberships of JSC "RusHydro" and Duke Energy were officially announced. JSC "RusHydro" will be the successor of RAO UES of Russia within the organization, following the recent reforms of the Russian energy sector.

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