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2006 Evian Summit

The annual Summit held in Evian, France in May-June 2006 marked the first summit of the leading electricity utilities of the G8 countries, following the addition of RAO United Energy Systems of Russia as an official member of the group at the 2005 Summit.

During a half-day workshop during the Summit, the Chairmen discussed energy security issues and presentations were given by representatives of the World Bank and the World Economic Forum on security issues in both developed and developing countries. The exchanges resulted in a statement on global energy issues, conveying the viewpoints of the electricity sector to the G8 leaders who discussed the same theme at the St-Petersburg G8 Summit in July 2006.

In addition, Chairmen exchanged their views on nuclear energy, renewable energies and an ambitious program to share expertise with developing countries on improvements made in member company facilities, particularly with regard to clean coal technologies. The progress of our capital investment projects was also discussed.

The Chairmanship of the Partnership was passed to Kansai Electric Company (Japan) for 2006-2007.

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